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Are You Referring Your Clients to Other Financial Planners?

There are numerous reasons why CPAs or tax professionals should add financial planning to their accounting and income tax practice. Let’s just review a few:

  • Advancements in computer technology, and low-cost retail tax software, now allow more taxpayers to prepare their own tax returns. The Internal Revenue Service has started allowing taxpayers to electronically file their own tax returns online and file simple returns over the telephone, using the Internal Revenue Service’s Telefiling. 
  • As a successful tax preparer, your relationship will be further strengthened and client loyalty will reach new heights.
  • Adding Financial Planning will allow your practice to attract new clients through the financial planning service who, in turn, could potentially become new tax clients.

Imagine having the necessary skills and knowledge to start your own financial planning services.

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It Is No Longer Enough to Just Be An Accountant to Your Clients

  • We know how difficult it is to earn your client’s trust and confidence. It only comes from providing years of dedicated service to them and their families. Why not be the person they trust with their financial planning as well?
  • At FFP Advisors, we have been helping our clients reach their financial goals and improve their long-term financial success for decades. We have also helped countless accounting firms make a smooth transition allowing them to offer far more than tax preparation.
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The PASS Advantage: Transform Your Business

Savvy accountants grow their businesses by protecting their top client relationships, expanding their bottom line, and leveraging strategic resources and proven systems. Created by financial and accounting industry veterans, the Professional Accounting Service System is a successful affiliate program that offers comprehensive training, targeted education, and gives you the confidence to engage your clients and transform your practice. Make growth your destination. We’ll help you get there.

  1. The PASS Advantage™ Intro - Our first meeting will introduce you to the unique capabilities of FFP and PASS. We answer your questions, outline what you can anticipate as a PASS affiliate, and show you how opportunities with your clients would be structured.
  2. The Opportunity Game Plan™ - Next, we get more personalized and focus on your practice, goals, and your vision for the future. We also introduce our platform of opportunities that are available to you, both personally and professionally
  3. The Integration Guide - Here’s where we get rolling, first by ensuring a seamless transition for you and your team. We’ll review the agreements and other paperwork with you and determine what, if any, licenses you’ll need to obtain.
  4. The Success Formula - We offer continual training for you throughout your PASS affiliation, starting with how to engage with clients through The Wealth Maximizer™ process. In this phase we also address the operational aspects of PASS, with specific focus on your office systems and team.
  5. The Relationship Expander - Our ongoing relationship thrives by reviewing your success and maximizing opportunities for growth. Together, we’ll analyze what’s working and strategize for what can be improved, in order to ensure a consistent approach upon which you and your clients can confidently rely.

Let Us Explain

FFP Wealth Management was founded over 25 years ago by John Graziano, CPA, CFP®, PFS who wanted to make sure his client’s needs and interests always came first. Joseph Graziano, CFP® joined the firm a few short years after its opening and that is when the two brothers decided to focus on working together with accountants. 

John and Joe believed that savvy accountants grow their business by protecting their top client relationships, expanding their bottom line and leveraging strategic resources using proven systems to avoid commoditization. That is how they came up with the “Three Ways to Smooth Cash Flow by Adding Financial Services”.

  1. Independent- The Do-It-Yourself Method: Perfect for the experienced accountant that has the time, team and technical skills with the ability to prepare, implement and maintain financial plans and products.

  2. Case-by-Case: You get to choose where to focus your time. The CBC option is perfect for the accountant who wants to offer comprehensive financial planning but doesn’t want to do it all in-house.

  3. Professional Accounting Service System (P.A.S.S.) Program - Our PASS System is best for the accountant who realizes they don’t have the time to dedicate to growing a financial planning practice alongside their accounting practice, but still wants to provide optimal service for their clients, ensuring they get the financial planning and wealth management services they need.

    Today, FFP Wealth Management has over 100 affiliated offices and over 2 billion dollars under advisement. Make growth your destination. We’ll help you get there. Ready to join FFP? We make is simple! Schedule a Discovery Call with us today to see how you can become a successful, comprehensive accounting firm!
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Gather Free Tools from Our Book:


Planning your transition can be difficult. With the help of the book Planning the Transition, and FFP Financial Services, Inc., your accounting practice can successfully make the transition in an almost seamless fashion. 

With 25 plus years of experience helping accounting practices “Planning the Transition”, authors John and Joseph Graziano have the knowledge and the tools to get your accounting practice over the hump and on to greener pastures.


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