How Accountants Can Thrive As Financial Advisors

A Full Spectrum of Services

Based in New Jersey, FFP Financial Services, Inc. is a comprehensive financial services firm. FFP is able to offer an unmatched selection of financial and insurance products and services to its individual clients, business clients and even financial advisors.

FFP caters to the needs of the diverse clients of today offering a full lineup of products and services covering a wide spectrum of client needs including investments, insurance, debt consolidation and financial planning. 

Some of the many products and services offered include:
1031 Exchanges

Fixed, Variable & Indexed

Brokerage Accounts
Business Insurance Analysis
Business Succession Planning
Charitable Planning
Employee Benefit Design

Group Health, Disability & Life

Education Planning
Estate Tax Planning
Individual Insurance

Life, Disability & Long-Term Care

Individual Securities

Stocks, Bonds, etc.

Investment Planning

and Other Retirement Plans

Mutual Funds
Professional Money Management
Property & Casualty Insurance
Retirement Planning

With each advisor on the FFP team boasting an average of 12 years of financial planning experience, their list of satisfied clients grows by the day. 

Using their experience, FFP advisors utilize customized programs designed to preserve and grow the assets of each individual client. This approach allows for professional and personal services and expertise to be delivered to the client, which helps FFP achieve their overall goal of helping their clients achieve long-term financial success.

"If you are an accountant wishing to act as a financial advisor and become the go-to professional for your client’s financial and accounting needs, FFP could be the perfect fit for you.”

Why Work With FFP?

  1. Access to the tools and support needed to help take your practice to the next level.
  2. In-depth financial planning and wealth management training.
  3. Cutting edge technology.
  4. Marketing and compliance support.
  5. A new revenue stream.
Why Are So Many Accountants Making the Transition?

While you could simply refer your clients to a financial advisor, there are five reasons as to why that is a bad idea:

  1. Client control is lost.
  2. You cannot safeguard your clients against unsavory recommendations.
  3. Advisors you recommend may end up reflecting poorly on your firm.
  4. The client then sees the referred financial advisor as their “Financial Quarterback” instead of you.
  5. Your firm loses potential profits, revenues, and misses out on an increased firm value.
Considering Making the Transition? You’re probably asking yourself these questions:

  1. Why should your accounting practice offer financial planning services?
  2. How can you make the transition from accountant to acting as a financial advisor?
  3. How do you navigate through complicated licensing and compliance requirements?
  4. What is the most effective way to market yourself and the products you are selling?
  5. What is the difference between product and process selling?
Planning the Transition Cover

Gather Tools from Our Book:


Planning your transition can be difficult. With the help of the book Planning the Transition, and FFP Financial Services, Inc., your accounting practice can successfully make the transition in an almost seamless fashion. 

With 25 plus years of experience helping accounting practices “Planning the Transition”, authors John and Joseph Graziano have the knowledge and the tools to get your accounting practice over the hump and on to greener pastures.